Growing Season

Last year, in the midst of wedding season, I found myself wandering down the field of roses that my family's business grows. Cutting roses fresh from the field, and finding that perfect shade of colour to add to my bouquets and arrangements really sparked the idea for me to start growing some of my own flowers. I have been no stranger to the idea of picking what it in season from your garden and bringing it indoors to enjoy--my grandparents taught me that one well. 

Today I finally got down to planting my seeds and am now anxiously awaiting for them to sprout through the dirt. Niagara is such an amazing area with a unique climate and growing season. So starting this summer, I hope to incorporate some of my own home grown flowers and greenery into my functions.... There is no reason for me to be getting flowers delivered from all over the world, when some of the best things are grown here in Ontario and even in my own backyard!

Myrica De HaanComment