Wedding Obsession

I don't think I am about to forgot this feeling anytime soon....Today was the day our designs were "officially" published on the Wedding Obsession blog. It was a complete shocker when our first wedding went live on a wedding site a few months back, but today our pretty styled French countryside was posted. 

A few months ago, I was approached by Jen from Tufts and Toile to be part of a photo shoot... I really wasn't all too sure what I had signed myself up for, but ended up having a blast working together with some very talented ladies on this. For me, ever since my university studio classes, have I noticed more and more do I feed off of creativity, and people who are creative around me. The crazy buzz while putting together displays and sets for this shoot was enough to last for a long time! 

Its been so rewarding to see this all come together, to get to work with and meet other vendors in the industry and to really be part of a creative team. 

So congratulations to all my other ladies who worked on this shoot and a big thanks to Wedding Obsession for posting all these gorgeous photos! 

To see the shoot on Wedding Obsession, click here

To see all the others involved in the shoot, head to my previous "Orchard Photoshoot" post from May 19th. 

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