2016 in Review

I haven't even had a chance to fully blog some beautiful weddings from 2016 at this point... Im still waiting on a few more photos to roll in before I compile some of my favourites. In the meantime, before I am ready to face this coming year with all good intentions, I made sure i sat down to take a look at this past year. In an effort to organize my thoughts on what worked well, what went horribly wrong, and what I hope I can improve on, I wrote an heartfelt letter to myself.



Here it is, A summary of my 2016

Im writing this as the sun is setting over San Francisco. Ive been away from my emails and quotes for a week now, travelled up the California coast, walked kilometres through forests and city streets. Ive been able to stand on mountain tops, look over the mighty Pacific, walk through amazing gardens, and laughed so hard there were tears in my eyes. 

This trip was just what I needed. I needed a little nature, adventure, and sand to finally feel ready for 2017. 

Looking back over the past year I am so grateful for all the rare opportunities, the wonderful clients I had the chance of working with, and the kind words of love and support I received each week. Honestly, I don't even know how I seem to find myself with such wonderful supporters and clients.  I came to work with some of the best people this past year…and the fact that so many of my new clients are from word of mouth referrals makes me think I must be doing something right. When I started roses + twine, I had no idea what was ahead. I liked flowers, I liked working in my own studio space, and I had A chance to use my creative skills each new week. Since then I have grown as a designer, as a creative entrepreneur, and have done my best to try and stay true to what my original goals were for my business.

Dont get me wrong, with all the wonderful clients and beautiful wedding days I got to be a part of, there definitely were some crappy times. Self-doubt, breakdowns, trying to figure out how to deal with difficult situations, and just navigating how to better balance my business and personal life. Looking back at this past year, Im ashamed at how I let some friendships go, where my brain and heart selfishly decided to choose r+t over important people in my life. Im only just beginning to get a grip of how I need to put others first, and that all I do just isn't about my business.......


So for the year ahead, Im hoping I can keep staying true to my original goals and values for roses + twine. I want to be honest, keep things simple, to celebrate happy days and work through the difficult ones with the trust in a heavenly Father who continuously provides......

I want to continue to travel to places old and new, to feel inspired by nature, art, culture and the places I go and the people I meet. I was to continue to learn and grow, continue to push roses + twine to stay true to where it all started. I want to stay humble, to put others first, and focus on being a daughter of the King....To pursue all things that are true, noble and right is a lot easier said than done.

....Year 2017, Im excited for things to get going. While im forever grateful for the experiences, trials and all things good that happened in 2016, Im more relieved than ever to leave them behind and start fresh again....



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